All Things Together - Sean FeskoPaige Flynn hasn’t given her alcoholic father much thought since her parents divorced ten years back. She doesn’t remember him as kind and loving, and despite the passing of time, she hasn’t attempted to change this perception one bit. Despite the fact that he has been sober for five years, and her mother’s plea to make peace with him, she has too many other good things going on in her life to really think about forgiveness. A handsome, rock star boyfriend. Senior year with her best friend since elementary school. And, of course, the mother she’s been through everything with.

James Carmichael just wants to earn his daughter’s love again. Terribly ashamed by his past, he’s made every effort to not only turn his life around, but to become the father that his daughter deserves. The only problem? She wants none of it. Forced to find the balance between giving her space and having her understand he’s a changed man, James has settled on a single yearly visit from Paige.

But then, following one of these visits and on what should be the best day of her summer vacation, Paige’s mother dies in an accident. Shaken to the core, Paige is forced to become a part of James’ life once more. As she spends time with and gets to know him, she decides maybe he has indeed turned a new corner. Perhaps she might be able to forgive him after all. Just when the ice melts away, however, a new revelation makes Paige question James’ past and motives for the future. And if that wasn’t stressful enough, one-by-one, all the other good things start to fall apart too. The only constant is James, waiting to connect any chance he gets.

Which puts Paige at a crossroads: should she live in the past and stay at rock bottom, or should she embrace the unknown of the future and learn to live again?

All Things Together is the story of a daughter, her father, and the depths that one will go to let the other know they’re not alone.

All Things Together is available on on Amazon Kindle. You can read a sample chapter here.